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Welcome in the collection Pascal Frioud

Here it is, finally the new site arrived with some changes at the level of page-setting.

But especially with a new heading: - additionnaly - all media. You will find 18 recordings of my own machines, made in a professional way by André Scheurer, 78 rpm, cylinders and even a disc made of chocolate!

You will also be able to discover a film about my collection and a new remasterised video. See the last link.

Good visit and thank you

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Jabaphone Je recherche toutes informations sur cette machine: publicité, pièces détachées, documents et la machine elle-même.
from 1928

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78 tours A broadband music (5)
some 78 rpm and rare swiss records
Sharpeners, cutters (12)
For needles in bamboo or vegetable fibre
Needles tins (20)
a selection of some needles tins.
Brush and records Dusters (4)
épousseteurs mais aussi supports publicitaires et ingénieux balais à fixer sur le bras acoustique ou le reproducteur
catalogues, posters and postcard (28)
Swiss originals and others catalogues, posters and postcards
Speed testers, repeaters and others (15)
To check that your gramophone turns at the good speed
Records and cylinders (10)
Some records and cylinders, various sizes, rarities
Events (10)
A phonograph, a nostalgic image to animate decorate concerts, events etc.
Gramophones (12)
Mark of Emil Berliner, inventor of the disc. The gramophones with discs there are found. This name remained in the popular speech synonymous with record players
Toys gramophones and gramophones Toys (8)
Small gramophone for children
Swiss Gramophones (12)
Made for the most part in Ste-Croix by Thorens and Paillard but also Mermod Frères or still Lassueur.
book (1)
L industrie du phonographe à Ste-Croix, Suisse
Honr and support (6)
rare horns ad support
Phonographs (7)
Talking machine for the reproduction of the sound invented by Thomas A. Edison in 1877. I classified under this category the machine with cylinders.
Swiss phonographs (5)
Thorens et Paillard
Portables/travelling gramophones (10)
Gramophone for travelling.
Reproducers (7)
Some soundbox, Swis made and other